Anywhere With You Signed Paperback


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Allison doesn’t know what it’s like to live life like an average teenager. After losing her parents at a young age, Allison moved in with her grandmother. When she meets, Aiden, the boy next door, they become fast friends. Aiden and his family become more to her than just next-door neighbors. They become her family.

Liam is living the dream. His senior year at college, and he’s the big man on campus, the quarterback for the football team. Rumored to be drafted to the big leagues he’s focused and determined. Eat, sleep, and breath football. Then he meets his little sister’s roommate, and suddenly football is no longer his only focus.

Liam has never been a relationship guy, and Allison, she wants the happily ever after. Can Liam overcome his fear of relationships and the tangle of friendships to give Allison her fairytale?

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