Layer by Layer

  • Chance Encounter,
  • Forced Proximity,
  • Grumpy Sunshine,
  • Workplace Romance

  • RELEASE DATE: September 3, 2020


    From the first moment I sit next to the sexy suit on the plane, the butterflies in my stomach have nothing to do with turbulence and everything to do with the way he’s looking at me.

    When we land, he gives me his number, and I promise to call. Before I get the chance, we meet again.

    It turns out he’s my new boss and nothing like the gentle stranger from the plane.

    The longer I’m with Royce, the more I realize he has many layers, and I want to uncover them all one by one.

    If only he would let me in.


    Being CEO requires all of my focus, but I can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous woman from the plane with the gorgeous blonde hair and striking green eyes.

    Sawyer Gibson is beautiful, intelligent, and very much off-limits. A line I shouldn’t cross.

    Until I do… and there’s no going back.

    I want all of her, but she deserves more than my hardened heart can give.

    No matter how hard I try, I can’t escape her.

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    Narrated by: Curt Bonnem, Elizabeth Hart

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