Every Other Memory

RELEASE DATE: September 23, 2021


I wanted one night to be spontaneous. A night to let off some steam and celebrate. I was about to give up hope until the handsome stranger with gorgeous hazel eyes changed the course of my evening.

Two separate lives, one unforgettable night, and an unexpected surprise that I never saw coming. It’s too bad I didn’t get his name, but that’s okay. I get to see those hazel eyes every day that I look at our daughter. And her daddy, every other memory I have is of him, and the night I’ll never forget.


I was escaping another instance of being the third wheel with my sister and her new husband. I just needed some air and a beer. However, when I laid eyes on the dark-haired beauty at the bar, something pulled me toward her.

No names. No promises. Just one night, that’s how it started, but that’s not how I wanted it to end. Too bad for me, she snuck out before I could tell her. Every day she’s on my mind. She’s ruined me for other women. Every other memory I have is of her, and the night I’ll never forget.

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